Exhibitions & Awards

2020 Sept - UK

Resident Artist -Buckenham's Gallery, Southwold, UK

2019 Dec - Thailand

"It is Humanity" Group Exhibition, Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre, Bangkok

2019 Oct - Italy

Rome Art Week - Open Studio

2019 Oct - Italy

"Murano Art Expo" Group Exhibition, 58th Venice Biennale, Venice

2019 June - Italy

"Giulio Cesare" Group Exhibition, Palazzo Ferrajoli, Rome  WINNER

2019 June - Italy

"Golden Prize" Group Exhibition, Queen Art Studio, Padova  CRITICS AWARD WINNER

2019 May - Portugal

" International " Group Exhibition, ANG, Lisbon  WINNER

2019 Jan - Czech Republic

"International Biennale" Group Exhibition, Italian Institute of Culture, Prague  CRITICS AWARD WINNER



2018 Dec - Italy             

“Salerno Arte” Group Exhibition,Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno  CRITICS AWARD WINNER

2018 Nov - Italy        

“Stay on Art” Group Exhibition, Palace of Vatican Chancellery, Rome

2018 Oct - Italy

"Love Biennale" Group Exhibition, The Factory, Milan

2018 Sept - Italy

“The Soul the Colour the Matter”, Group Exhibition, Museum Crocetti, Rome

2018 Sept - Italy

"Kandinsky Music & Colour" Group Exhibition, Queen Art Studio, Padova

2018 Sept - Italy

"Green" Group Exhibition, Spazio 40 Gallery, Rome

2018 Sept - Italy

"Contemporary Emotions" Group Exhibition, Arte Borgo Gallery, Rome

2018 July/Aug - Italy             

“The Nuance of Dreams 111” Group Exhibition, La Pigna Gallery, Rome

2018 July - France         

“Art 3F” Art Fair, Palais des Festivals, Cannes

2018 June - Italy              

“Rome 10x10 cm paintings” Group Exhibition, Spazio 40 Gallery, Rome

2018 June -  Italy                 

“Biennale Internazionale Del Tirreno” Group Exhibition, Cava de’ Tirreni

2018 May - Italy                   

"Rome in Colour" Solo Exhibition, US Embassy, Tri-Mission Art Gallery, Rome

2018 May - UK                    

"London Art Prize" Group Exhibition, Brick Lane Gallery, London  WINNER

2018 April - USA                  

"Art Expo" Art Fair, Pier 94, Manhattan, New York

2018 April - Denmark    

“Art Nordic” Art Fair, Lokomotivvaerkstedet, Copenhagen

2018 March -Italy              

"Vernice Art Prize" Group Exhibition, Bunker C4 Caldogna, Vicenza

2018 Jan - Italy                

"L'Arte Si Mostra" Group Exhibition, Palazzo Ferrajoli, Rome

2017 Dec - Italy                  

“Expo Touring Egos XIV” Group Exhibition, Arte Borgo Gallery, Rome

2017 Nov - Italy                  

“Blue" Group Exhibition, Spazio 40 Gallery, Rome

2017 Oct - Italy                  

“Find Me” Group Exhibition, Loft 1592, Biennale Venice

2017 May - Italy                  

“Cities in Transformation” Rome Watercolour Society, Rome

2017 April - UK                     

“Colours” Group Exhibition, Buckenham Gallery, Southwold

2017 March - Italy                  

Publication of 7 works in “Arte & Artisti Contemporanei”

2017 Feb - Italy                  

“Red Valentine” Group Exhibiton, Spazio 40 Gallery, Rome

2017 Italy                  

Awarded Alumni  Scholarship Rome Art Program   

2016 Dec - Italy                  

“Christmas” Group Exhibition, Spazio 40 Gallery, Rome

2016 Oct -  Italy                  

“Colours of Rome 11” Solo Exhibition, Spazio 40 Gallery, Rome

2016 Sept - Italy                  

“Art from the Heart” Charity Event, Crown Plaza Hotel, Rome

2016 July - Italy                  

“Rome 10x10 cm paintings" Group Exhibition, Spazio 40 Gallery, Rome



2015 Dec - Italy                  

“Colours of Rome” Solo Exhibition, Spazio 40 Gallery, Rome

2015 Nov - Italy                   

"Food Exhibition" Live painting, Palazzo Ferrajoli, Rome 

2015 Sept - Italy                  

“Culture” Joint Exhibition, Gallery via del Moro, Rome

2015 April - UK                     

“Rome” Group Exhibition, Underdog Gallery, SE London

2015 Italy                 

Awarded Alumni Mentor Scholarship Rome Art Program 


2014 Dec - Italy                 

“Explosion of Watercolour” Solo Exhibition, Rome 

2014 Nov - Australia       

Group Exhibition, Langford 120 Gallery , Melbourne

2014 Oct - Dubai               

“A Sense of Place” Group Exhibition, US University, Dubai                                                                

2014 Sept - Italy                 

“A Night of Art” Solo Exhibition, Roma Rentals, Rome

2014 Italy                 

Winner of work/study scholarship Rome Art program

2013 Oct - UK                     

“Shades of Grey” Group Exhibition, Ladak Gallery, SW London                                                  

2013 July - UK                     

Graduation Exhibition, Art Academy, SE London

2012 Italy                 

Winner of scholarship, Rome Art program and Jack Miller Prize WINNER