Portrait of Janine.jpeg

Born in London, Janine grew up in Suffolk after her family moved there and has maintained close links with the area, including being represented by a local gallery in Southwold.


She later returned to London to work and studied Fine Art at the Art Academy under the guidance of Robin-Lee Hall PRP, graduating in 2013. She often travels between Suffolk, London and Rome - each area influencing her work and her use of colour.

She moved to Rome after being awarded a scholarship on the Rome Art Program - Artistic Director Scottish Painter Carole Robb - this event was to change her life as she subsequently decided to move to Rome where she lived and painted for the last six years.


She has since returned to live in Southwold to focus on painting local scenes and fabric design.  Currently exhibiting at Buckenham Galleries as a resident artist and at Blackshore Clothing both located in Southwold High Street, Suffolk, UK.

 and work on designing fabrics.